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what we do

PMC2 is a building consultancy practice specialising in project and programme management. We are a practice which combines solid experience with a positive approach to client service. We are confident that we will bring significant project benefits to your business.

dispute resolution

PMC² has the flexibility to work with you on an ad hoc basis to assist when complications arise. Our approach means that by working as part of your in house team, we can review your projects, documentation and information in order to provide you with best way forward - solutions within the timescales set by yourselves.

Your priorities become our priorities as we live and breathe your projects in order to facilitate success.

Cost Reduction

Our team has significant experience and knowledge in reducing your costs. Whether through the value engineering process, experience of similar projects or a common sense approach to your business area, PMC² will work to achieve maximum quality for your project whilst ensuring that costs are within the budget set by the client.

project monitoring

Risk is a certainty with any construction project but the experience of PMC² ensures that strong management minimises these risks and achieves maximum value for your investment. We understand the unique role that you, as funders, play through investing in construction.

We will work to understand your commercial priorities and utilise our strong project management and surveying experience to ensure that the day to day delivery of the project is aligned with these.

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